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A Once in a Lifetime Journey for Women

WXtrip will  bring people, religions and cultures together in Nepal.This womens challenge is a journey of the mind, body and spirit and will encompass physical challenges, spiritual reflection and will be an adventure journey  crossing physical, geographical, personal and cultural borders. Women will have the forum to share knowledge, life experiences, interact and network with each other as topics and themes ,which are  relevant to women, the environment , and social issues are explored during this 11 day challenge.
Women will either enter in teams of 4, or be assigned teammates, in this once in a life time experience. This adventure challenge upholds Xtrips spirit of active adventures combining off road driving, trekking, rafting, cycling - all whilst engaging in responsible eco-tourism. 

WXtrip International Challenge 1-11 Oct 2010

Women from around the World
Guided and led in English

WXtrip Israeli Challenge 13-24 Oct 2010

Women from Israel
Guided and led in Hebrew

WXtrip Follow On Expeditions to Nepal

Women from different Countries
Various Languages

Who are we looking for ?

Women from around the world, who preferably have  had a driving licence for 5 years, which should place them at around 23 years of age. There is no age limit, and we have already had encouraging applications from women over 60!
You need general fitness and an open mind in order to face the tasks and missions placed in front of you and your team members during the Challenge.
WXtrip encompasses the idea that women have unique and special virtues which allow us to be women, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and  sisters - and also take on the more male dominated roles of breadwinners, career success, leadership and management. Today many women lead multi - tasking lives , juggling careers with kindergarten,putting their own needs aside for the good of families, friends and their jobs. This Challenge provides women with the ideal platform to take time out for themselves for 10 nights  to meet like minded women, exchange ideas and opinions, gain strength and inspiration from fellow participants, and be able to return home feeling uplifted and refreshed! If any of these words have struck a chord, then this Challenge is for you - register and apply for a once in a lifetime journey of body, mind and spirit. 

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