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Trekking in the Annapurna Conservation Area

Responsible Ecotourism

ACAP - Annapurna  Conservation  Area Project - was established in 1986 by the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation. The Annapurna circuit is used by about 80 000 trekkers each year , which is about 60% of all trekkers who come to Nepal annually. Attracted by the spectacular scenery,small mountain villages and plant diversity, trekkers provide employment and tourism deveploment at high altitiudes. The downside of tourism is exploitation, expectation and over-development, which ultimately leads to a decrease in the number of visitors, as the authentic and remote characteristics make way for damage and destruction. ACAP has successfully reversed this process and their model is being copied in other areas of the Himalayas.
"ACAP works with local communities on forest management,community woods,solar power,health clinics,schools,water supply and sanitation.Local communities clean up the trails so that they are relatively litter-free.There is also tourism training in tasks such as cooking Western foods,a committee to standardise prices and accomodation for trekkers." Insight Guides
ACAP charges a fee, in the form of a trekking permit, which will be issued to all WXtrip participants, and the revenue generated from these fees helps contribute to the goals of ACAP in achieving the balance between supply and demand.